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  • We are an American Baptist Church located in Bellows Falls, Vermont


  • We were founded on April 4, 1854 by Benjamin Dean and Reverend Ira Pearson and just 34 members


  • On May 13, 1858 we purchased the land our church is on for $700. It was privately owned, but viewed as a Village Common and used occasionally as such after purchase.


  • The church was dedicated on December 21, 1860


  • Our Baptistery was installed and first used on February 5, 1871 when five candidates were Baptized. Before that, we used the Saxtons River and Connecticut River for Baptisms in the summer and winter.


  • The church bell was purchased for $175, first put in the belfry and used on May 25, 1873


  • The memorial windows were installed in 1894


  • The church was remodeled in 1899 and rededicated on September 10. Remodeling included adding the vestibule, enlarging the vestry, building a balcony, and moving the belfry from direct center to the east side of the building


  • On October 29, 1939 the church was rededicated again after severe hurricane damages were repaired


  • Between 1956 and 1959 the vestry was completely renovated services were provided by Charles L Wilson. Renovations included a kitchen with modern equipment, Sunday School and social room with new furniture and decorations, and the Thomas Gammon Memorial Doors were installed


  • Our pipe organ was purchased in 1892 and was pumped until a motor was installed in 1912 and just celebrated its 125 Birthday a few years ago


  • The best average attendance for Sunday School was 122 throughout the year 1907

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